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End User Security

Protecting remote workers matters more than ever.

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Secure Remote Access

The situation surrounding COVID-19 has required many organizations to adjust their way of working. Cybercriminals are doing the same.  The need to shift many workforces to all-remote work creates new challenges, complicating an already complex cybersecurity landscape.   With many or all end users working from remote locations outside the core office, IT security teams may lose visibility into the endpoints, connections and users in their environment.

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Whitepaper: Enabling end user productivity without compromising security

Balancing end-user productivity with modern enterprise security is challenging. Every new endpoint introduced to a network, from a tablet used for video conferences to a PC relied upon for network administration, is a new potential target. In this white paper, we examine specific tradeoffs in detail and discuss how to maintain sufficient security while preserving end-user productivity.

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End User Security Solutions

Access the experts and partners you need to ensure the right user, the right access, the right application and the right data. Deliver a robust security posture across your full IT environment through the right solutions and managed services.


Email Protection

Mitigate and Reduce the Risk of Email Threats

Threat Protection & Incident Response

Minimize and Manage Exposure

Data Protection

Provide Visibility and Controls

Identity Access Management

Validate and Manage Appropriate Access

Managed Security

Resolve Resource Shortage and Skills Gaps

Why Softchoice

Softchoice provides an end-to-end solution supported by a team of dedicated experts and a strong partner ecosystem.

Our assessment-led agnostic approach first identifies what you need to protect, then qualifies and quantifies your data protection risks and opportunities. With an accurate assessment of your current security posture, our security architects take a vendor agnostic approach to designing the optimal solution.

This approach results in an average cost savings of 40% to 60%. Softchoice partners with leading security vendors to help you select, deploy and manage the right security solution for your IT environment.

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Striking the balance between security and productivity.

With too much protection, real agility becomes impossible. Too little protection, however, leaves the organization vulnerable to disaster.

Chris Pratapas, Director of Business Development - Security

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