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Connect and Collaborate Even More in Google's Secure Ecosystem with Google Meet

Take advantage of Google’s secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network to secure your information and safeguard your privacy. Its array of default-on anti-abuse measures help keep your meetings safe.

G Suite’s video conferencing solution – Google Meet - helps millions of people stay connected. Whether it is employees working from home, doctors caring for patients, local businesses supporting their communities, governments serving citizens or schools staying in session.


Google Meet Kickstart service offering

Google is making Google Meet, alongside G Suite Essentials free of charge through September 30th, 2020. To get the most out of this technology we have designed our Google Meet Kickstart to help IT Administrators enable, scale and secure the technology needed for businesses to remain productive through remote work. For organizations who have yet to implement video conferencing or would like to implement a new product, we will enable the Enterprise features of Google Meet.

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Enable Your Business for Remote Work Through a Secure, Scalable and Seamless Ecosystem


Encryption and Security Controls

As large numbers of businesses turn to video-teleconferencing platforms to stay connected, reports of hijacking are emerging nationwide.


Implementing video conferencing within an organization requires technology that can scale globally while minimizing the burden on IT teams.

Costs & Constraints of Legacy Hardware

New video technology must be assessed for compatibility with hardware that's already installed, like in-room cameras or microphones. This not only minimizes costs but reduces capacity strains on IT support.

Secure-by-design infrastructure

Google Meet benefits from Google Cloud’s defense-in-depth approach to security, which utilizes the built-in protections and global-private network that Google uses to secure your information and safeguard your privacy.

Scale & Meet End User Requirements

Meet is primarily designed for large-scale meetings, and you can easily set up meetings with up to 250 people on the platform. Google Meet & G Suite Essentials includes the ability to share screens, call-in from a phone, email integration, and collaboration tools.

Complementing your Current Infrastructure

Google Meet is interoperable with traditional video conferencing devices to ensure seamless integration. If you use existing technology from third-parties like Cisco, Polycom or Skype for Business, you don’t have to start from scratch when you switch to Meet.

What You’ll Gain with Google Meet Kickstart*

Immersion Experience

End users and administrators experience an immersive overview of Google Meet.

Readiness Review

Network configuration consultation, review of basic security settings, and admin features configuration.

Configure & Deploy

Enroll your organization, provision users, configure Google Drive policies while receiving remote implementation support.
*Funding towards implementation also available for a limited time prior to July 31.

About Softchoice

Every day, thousands of organizations rely on Softchoice to provide insight and expertise that speeds the adoption of technology, while managing cost and risk. Through our unique points of view, we challenge leaders to think differently about the impact of technology on their employees and customers.

Data Driven Insights

Through assessment of your current environment, with recommendations specific to your desired outcomes.

Enterprise Grade Managed Services

Expert management and proactive support for your technology, people and IT operations.

Licensing Selection & Software Asset Management

Navigate the complexity of vendor consolidation, licensing and asset management.

Technology Mentorship

One-on-one, or event-style coaching to develop the skills of your team, and keep up with the pace of innovation.

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Softchoice can help you assess and deploy Google Meet alongside G Suite securely and efficiently.

At Softchoice, we are committed to supporting our customers’ needs for business continuity and stability by enabling them to scale and secure the technology needed to remain productive through remote work. Get started today a guided tour with a certified technical architect.

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*Our limited-time Google Meet Offer includes our assessment service and deployment of Google Meet. Funding towards implementation costs is also available for a limited time prior to July 31.