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Embrace modern collaboration with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Today, many organizations are looking to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to enhance end-user collaboration and productivity. But getting the most out of a new technology takes careful planning and deep understanding of end-user requirements. Without the right approach, organizations often fail to realize the full benefits of their Microsoft collaboration investments.

Working with Softchoice ensures you capture end-user requirements, break down silos and optimize your Microsoft collaboration investments.


Get moving with Microsoft collaboration.

Microsoft collaboration solutions offer key capabilities to help your users be more productive. We help you streamline and optimize your collaboration deployment from planning to adoption.


Meeting End-User Expectations

When IT fails to understand end-user needs and preferences, collaboration projects often fail to realize return on investment (ROI). Meanwhile, 90% of C-suite executives claim their organization listens to end-user technology needs, but only 53% of staff agree.

Breaking Technology Silos

Many IT leaders struggle to meet the rising demands of the business while maintaining current operations. This creates unnecessary silos and encourages "shadow IT." In fact, 1 in 5 cybersecurity incidents results from unsanctioned technology.

Optimizing Adoption & Usage

Without the right communication and training, new collaboration tools meet with resistance to change and low return on investment (ROI). In fact, 71% of workers say they use less than half the features of any given communication tool.

Drive User-Based Decisions

Set the foundation for collaboration success by making informed decisions. Capture end-user requirements and align your collaboration tools. Determine whether your environment is ready for modern collaboration and set the foundation for success.

Accelerate Business Productivity

Adopt meaningful work practices based on flexible, real-time collaboration. Reap the benefits faster and reduce strain on your team with professional services for migration. Receive expert support for modern collaboration and upskill your team.

Increase the Value of Your Investment

Define and communicate your vision for modern collaboration. Ensure top-down alignment and get the most of every dollar invested with a comprehensive training plan tailored to your environment and end users.

What You’ll Gain


Work Better Together

Leverage data-driven insights to get the best Microsoft collaboration solutions for your environment.

Get the Best Value from your Collaboration Investment

Receive expert mentorship in optimizing deployment and adoption of Microsoft collaboration tools.

Advance your Strategy

Tap into deep Microsoft experience and expertise to build and execute your strategy for collaboration.

Keep Your Digital Workplace Working

Gain peace of mind via proactive support and maintenance for collaboration solutions.

A Global Leader in Collaboration


Certified Microsoft Partner  

Softchoice is a Microsoft Gold Partner certified in Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Communications, Enterprise Messaging and Mobility Management.

Proven Experience

Softchoice manages 600+ collaboration deployments per year, resulting in 250,000+ more productive employees to-date.

Get the most out of your meetings.

Microsoft collaboration solutions provide a place to create, share and make decisions as a team. Find out how Softchoice will help you plan, deploy and optimize Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Modern collaboration capabilities translate to more productive employees, more effective meetings and faster time to decisions. Find out how Softchoice will help you select, deploy and manage market-leading collaboration tools from Microsoft.