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Remote Work Preparedness Workshop

Evaluating your business continuity plan for robust end-user productivity

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Ensure Business Continuity through Collaboration, Mobility and Security

An effective business continuity plan is robust and versatile in any situation and can deliver business-as-usual in any type of scenario. Effective implementation keeps businesses running while keeping employees and customers safe.

With remote work and reduced travel becoming a common responses to business disruptions, employees need to be able to maintain productivity while connecting to your network safely from anywhere.

A Better Way to Manage Cloud

Address the most common challenges related to end user productivity in times of disruption

Softchoice's Remote Work Preparedness Workshop spans the most common challenges customers face in times of pandemic or disaster scenarios. Let our End User Productivity Journey Architects guide you through the process.

Central Communication Response

Evaluate communication readiness, review key concepts and establish best practices.

Remote Work Preparedness

Review application access, Voice/Video readiness, advanced business demands and network readiness.

Surprise Costs

Understand challenges, implement adoption and roll-out training while establishing success guidelines for remote work.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain
Set direction sign

Set direction based on prioritized business demands and exposure

Set direction sign

Utilize existing assets to adapt to a rapidly changing scenario

Set direction sign

Identify immediate risk and remediation strategies

Set direction sign

Demystifying IT readiness & BCP gaps related to the end user

Expertise to Enable End-User Productivity in Times of Rapid Response

Certified Cloud Experts

Expert-led Facilitator

Your free workshop is led by an End-User Productivity Journey Architect, a highly tenured expert in supporting customers journey in defining & enabling collaboration & modern workforce strategies
Leading Azure & AWS Partner

Certified Expertise

Immediate access to hundreds of certified experts spanning all areas of end user productivity technologies, architecture and licensing - including access to special offers from vendor partners.
Data Driven Insights

Rapid Response Resourcing

Get the help you need through a flexible “on-demand” resourcing model to address the most urgent needs of the business and workforce.

Ensure Readiness and Implement your Plan

To ensure continuous customer service and uninterrupted operations while protecting the well-being of employees and customers, you need to have the right business continuous plan.

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