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Backup as a Service

Protect your critical data and applications. Get back to transforming your business.

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Simplify IT resilience

For IT teams, maintaining data and application recovery capabilities is a year-round 24/7 job. But spending more time and effort on IT maintenance leaves less available for the digital initiatives that drive your business. Without the right support, many organizations struggle to balance innovation with day-to-day operations.

Softchoice Backup as a Service helps you offload complex, time-consuming backup and recovery operations and refocus resources on game-changing business projects.

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Breathe easier with Backup as a Service

Complex infrastructure and constant cybersecurity threats make data and application availability a continuous concern. Softchoice Backup as a Service frees you to focus on innovation.


Overcoming Infrastructure Complexity

Escalating infrastructure complexity makes it difficult to apply consistent protection to all the workloads in an environment. Meanwhile, 80% of organizations can't recover from an outage at the speed required by the business.

Recovering Critical Data & Systems

Most organizations take every precaution possible. But between cyberattacks, technical issues, natural disasters and human error, it’s near impossible to reduce the threat of operational downtime to zero.

Bridging the Time & Resources Gap

Balancing "always available" service level objectives with the demand for revenue-generating projects puts pressure on any IT team. 73% admit failing to meet users’ demands for uninterrupted access to applications and services.
Source: Veeam

Unified Backup Solution

Establish quick, efficient backup and recovery for all your physical and virtual workloads. Implement 3-2-1 backup and recovery policies aligned to your business strategy. Test your production backups to ensure recoverability against service-level expectations.

24/7/365 Resolution Support

Store backups onsite and in the Azure public cloud to remove single points of failure. Access 24/7/365 resolution support to recover applications or remediate restore issues in the event of a crisis. Reduce the risk of system compromise due to unforeseen events.

Managed Backup Operations

Offload time-consuming backup and recovery operations to a dedicated managed services team. Take advantage of remote backup and restore management using onsite and cloud-based repositories. Mitigate downtime while freeing IT resources for business transformation.

What You’ll Gain


Simplify protection and recovery

Streamline IT resilience and offload manual backup and recovery operations to a dedicated team.

Lower total cost of ownership

Achieve effective, reliable protection for your critical assets under an affordable OpEx model.

Align backup policies to strategic needs

Set and align backup and recovery policies to your strategic business needs and industry best practices.

Free IT resources for digital initiatives

Leave your critical data and applications in safe hands and refocus your team on digital transformation.

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A Global Leader in Managed Services


Top Ranked Services Provider

Channel Futures ranks Softchoice in the top five managed service providers worldwide.

Certified Partner

Softchoice Managed Services are certified by dozens of data center and network provider partners.

Client Satisfaction

800+ organizations worldwide take advantage of Softchoice managed services.

Set the foundation for confidence in a crisis

A well-defined backup and recovery strategy allows you respond to outages and recover critical applications in the event of a crisis. Working with Softchoice lets you build your strategy on our deep understanding of data center and network technology and enterprise-grade managed services.

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