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6 Practices for Better IT Resilience Planning

Discover the technical and procedural steps toward better IT resilience, data protection and security.

Year-over-year, there has been 56% rise in incidents and a 28.9% jump in affected record *

The question for organizations today is not whether, but when a breach will occur. How an organization responds, from getting key infrastructure back up and running to closing any vulnerabilities exploitable by insiders, will make all the difference. A resilience strategy that combines modern measures for data protection and security is the best way forward.

In our guide "6 Practices for Better IT Resilience Planning", we’ll explore six best practices for better resilience. It covers:

  • Aligning business and IT behind an effective data protection strategy
  • Eliminating operational silos that impede collaboration
  • Protecting your critical data and applications with limited resources
  • Creating and maintaining a solid incident response plan
  • Getting the right data governance in place to curb risks

* Source: Data Breach QuickView Report

Download the guide and get moving with IT resilience and data protection.

6 Practices for Better IT Resiliency Planning Guide