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Data Center Technology Review

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Data Center Technology Review

The Data Center Technology Review helps you identify opportunities to optimize infrastructure with the goal of freeing up existing capacity to offset future capital expenses. The review targets server, storage, virtualization, hybrid cloud, backup and file systems.


Our Approach

Softchoice will analyze VMware, VDI and/or Storage Environments, resulting in an in-depth report and planning workshop to review results and optimization recommendations.

Comprehensive Inventory

Using a non-intrusive data collection tool, get a holistic view of existing environments, devices and/or workloads.

Utilization and Performance Report

Capture and analyze current usage and performance to identify opportunities for greater efficiency.

Business Case

Decide where, when and how to move forward, with detailed estimates of costs and business impact based on expert recommendations with the next steps.

What you gain

Free up capacity for new workloads and avoid new capital expenditures.
Expert-led guidance on optimizing the use of existing resources and defer adding new capacity.


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