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IDC: Workload Placement in Legacy & Cloud Environment InfoBrief

Today, IT departments everywhere face challenging decisions about how to deploy the next generation of workloads.

Between on-premise, private and public cloud, conventional or cloud-native infrastructure, the options facing IT leaders can be overwhelming. Sorting the moves that will add value from those that won't can be an uphill struggle.

To delve deeper into the growing diversity of workload placement methods, we commissioned an exclusive IDC study. Some key findings stood out:

  • By 2023, two-thirds of spending and 85% of capacity will be deployed to the cloud
  • Almost 9 in 10 cloud customers are repatriating workloads, citing security, performance, cost and control as the top driver
  • On average, half of all cloud-hosted applications are expected to repatriate over the next two years.

Want to know more about how your peers are faring with workload placement in the next generation of applications? Access the study below.

Workload Placement in Legacy & Cloud Environment InfoBrief