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Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Softchoice can help with your AWS Hybrid Cloud or Microsoft Hybrid Cloud adoption plan. Download the eBook to learn how to build your own cloud strategy or optimize your existing one.

Conquer the Public Cloud with the Softchoice Guide to Public Cloud Adoption

  • Get the playbook that has helped 500+ organizations successfully transition to the cloud
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Download the IT Leader's Guide to Maximizing Cloud Value

The public cloud is no longer a blip on your IT radar. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are robust tools for business success. They have evolved far beyond the obstacles and limitations of the past.
In 2017 alone, the cloud grew by almost 40% - a phenomenal growth rate for any technology. By 2020, 60% of IT infrastructure and 70% of software and IT services spending will be in the cloud.

Public Cloud and Hybrid IT Stages of Adoption

These five stages of public cloud adoption will help your company move to the cloud seamlessly and within budget.



Gap Analysis

Your journey towards successful public or hybrid cloud adoption begins with a Gap Analysis of your current IT systems. This will give you a detailed inventory of the applications, or production workloads, in your data centers. This information is crucial for generating a cost estimate and a preliminary budget for cloud adoption.

Get Moving

This is where you take your first test flight in the cloud and experience its functionality first-hand. You do this by replicating a single production workload to the cloud and deploying it via a best practices approach. This means you must build scripts, use management interfaces, and utilize Infrastructure as Code.


In this stage, you need to build a profile of all the applications running in your current environment. Make notes of the servers they’re running on, their system and support requirements, and their stakeholders. This process will allow you to map out the exact resources that your applications need to run.


The first step in this stage is to build an application support infrastructure in the cloud. You must ensure that the cloud’s servers are configured to run your workloads, and that storage is available for your data. The network must also be set up to make the cloud an extension of your physical database.


Now that your workloads have migrated to the cloud, you must begin constant optimization to ensure peak performance. Your applications will need to be monitored for efficiency, and resource usage will need to be adjusted for maximum productivity.

How does Softchoice help?

Softchoice can help with your AWS Hybrid Cloud or Microsoft Hybrid Cloud adoption plan.

Softchoice is all about support. We inspire, mentor and mobilize the adoption of Public Cloud as part of your Hybrid IT strategy. Throughout the process, our teams focus on secure architectures, skill development for your teams and ongoing cost optimization. Adopting Public Cloud is an iterative process rather than a one-time event, so we’ve adapted our approach to drive ongoing savings and governance for you. Ask us how we design, implement and manage cloud adoption, faster and more predictably than any other organization in North America.

When deployed effectively, the public cloud is a powerful and disruptive model.
Our poll revealed that three-quarters of participants were strategizing cloud adoption. A quarter had plans to make investments in one to three years.