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Red Hat IT Infrastructure Automation

Streamline IT operations and accelerate innovation.

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Enable innovation through automation.

Today, the ability to deliver innovative digital services is no longer disruptive – it's indispensable. But legacy IT infrastructure struggles to meet the speed and agility required in this new landscape. Hybrid IT and automation solutions from Red Hat help IT teams enhance visibility across cloud and on-premise systems and streamline operations to deliver services faster.

Working with Softchoice ensures you select the right automation tools and workload placement to drive hybrid IT for your environment and meet demands for flexibility and reduced cost.


Automate. Orchestrate. Innovate.

Red Hat management solutions make it easier to streamline operations and deliver game-changing innovation. Working with us helps you get the most from your Red Hat investments.


Overcoming Resource Inefficiency

Bridging the gaps between cloud and on-premise systems in a hybrid environment poses a real challenge. Poor visibility and a mix of management tools often result in inefficiency and overspending.

Deploying and Managing Application Workloads

Manual orchestration of the application lifecycle across VMware, Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization and public cloud environments creates unneeded complexity. Hosting developer tools in a mix of environments slows delivery of new applications.

Managing Container-Based Applications

Managing container-based applications across virtual and public cloud environments can slow the delivery of innovative ideas to-market. The resulting complexity prevents effective DevOps and collaboration.

Accelerate Innovation with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Consolidate workloads in the traditional data center and public cloud services under one operating system (OS). Develop and manage applications faster – in any deployment footprint. Access the latest enterprise-grade Linux innovations.

Automate and Orchestrate with Ansible

Automate provisioning, configuration, security and policy control workloads. Centralize your IT infrastructure and reduce repetitive manual tasks. Gain data-driven insights into automation in your environment.

Close the Cloud/On-Prem Gap with OpenShift

Deploy and manage existing and container-based applications across physical, virtual and public cloud environments. Enable DevOps and department-wide collaboration. Deliver innovative digital services to market faster.

What You’ll Gain


Simplify your hybrid IT journey

Gain complete visibility and end-to-end management across VMware, Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization and public cloud resources.

Take automation to the next level

Automate and orchestrate applications, systems, networks and cloud environments across your hybrid IT infrastructure.

Get the most from your investment

Receive expert mentorship in selecting, deploying and optimizing Red Hat solutions for hybrid IT and automation.

Monitor and maximize your hybrid IT performance

Rely on Red Hat-certified Softchoice experts to optimize setup and usage to meet your strategic and budget requirements.

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Jumpstart your hybrid IT journey

Hybrid IT and automation solutions have the potential to transform the way you deliver innovative services to your users. Find out how Softchoice will help you streamline your IT operations and application lifecycle and get the best return on your Red Hat investments.

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