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Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cut the complexity from Cisco software asset management (SAM).

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Get the best value from your Cisco investments.

Today, many enterprise IT environments contain thousands of Cisco assets and licenses. Managing these often absorbs considerable time, effort and resources. Changes to Cisco technologies, products and licensing programs add potential cost, risk and complexity.

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA) helps organizations retake control of their software assets and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Also, it provides enterprise-wide coverage, adding simplicity, flexibility and value. Working with Softchoice makes it easier to get the most out of your Cisco EA investment.

Cisco EA Buyers Guide

Wondering if the Cisco Enterprise Agreement is right for you?

Developed by our Softchoice CISCO experts, this guide will give you:

  • An overview of Cisco Enterprise Agreements
  • Agreement features
  • FAQs we hear from customers

Everything you need to know about Enterprise Agreements in one place!

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Right-size your SAM strategy.

Enterprise software agreements have made it much more cost-effective to acquire the technology that powers your business. But without a solid software asset management (SAM) strategy in place, it’s easy for IT teams to feel overwhelmed.

Softchoice’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a customer success framework providing programmatic support and expert guidance to remove the complexity, cost overrun and compliance risk from your SAM strategy.

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Your Cisco software assets – streamlined.

Managing enterprise software assets and licensing has only gotten more complex. Partner with Softchoice to extract the best return on investment (ROI) from your Cisco software through a Cisco EA.


Simplifying License Management

A traditional licensing model involves numerous contracts, licenses and expiry dates, requiring considerable time and Cisco expertise to manage. This redirects IT time and resources away from strategic projects toward manual licensing tasks.
At the same time, 39% of software lacks proper licensing.
(Source: Cisco)

Procuring & Deploying Software

Traditional licenses offer little portability when it comes time to replace devices, deploy new licenses or enable features. This results in time diverted to long procurement processes involving multiple stakeholders.
Meanwhile, organizations overspend on software by an average of 25%.
(Source: Cisco)

Optimizing Total Cisco Spend

Taking a piecemeal approach to Cisco licensing means foregoing significant discounts and preferred pricing benefits. This also creates potential for cost overruns when usage increases during growth periods.
In fact, 44% of enterprises pay $100K+ in true-up fees.
(Source: Cisco)

One Cisco Agreement

Make sense of your Cisco software landscape with a single, convenient 3- or 5-year agreement. Benefit from enterprise-wide coverage and support for all your Cisco deployments.

Cisco Licensing Portal

Acquire, harvest and redeploy licenses through a dedicated Cisco Licensing Portal. Reduce costs by eliminating unused software. Deploy licenses and enable new features faster, while reducing headaches.

20% Growth Allowance & True Forward

Realize upfront savings across your entire Cisco spend. Simplify budget forecasting with room for 20% growth in license usage. Eliminate retroactive billing and charge-backs with Cisco True Forward.

What You’ll Gain


Streamline your Cisco assets

Consolidate your Cisco software assets and licensing under a single fixed-term agreement.

Maximize your investment impact

Take full advantage of Cisco funding for deployment, training and adoption support.

Reduce your license costs

Realize upfront savings across your Cisco spend and eliminate unnecessary cost overrun.

Get full-lifecycle support

Add impact to your Cisco EA via structured reviews and expert insights with Softchoice ELM.

A Leading Cisco Partner


Softchoice is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and Cisco Masters Specialized Partner.


Microsoft Services Provider

Softchoice ranks #1 among Microsoft software asset management (SAM) services providers and #1 among Azure cloud partners in North America.

$2 Billion

in License Savings Delivered To-Date

Softchoice has helped clients across the US and Canada realize over $2 billion in license savings to-date.

Make sense of your Cisco software landscape.

The pace of innovation is only increasing. Keeping track of your Cisco software assets and licenses is only getting more complex. Learn why working with Softchoice will help you gain visibility into your Cisco environment.

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Get more from your Cisco assets.

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