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Build your renewal execution plan in a minute flat.

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Take full advantage of your Microsoft Licensing Agreement renewal

Build your renewal execution plan in a minute flat.

Download our free Microsoft EA Renewal Planner, enter your EA expiration date and map your key renewal milestones in seconds.

You have two options for renewing your Microsoft enterprise agreements: "on-time" and "early renewal."

On-time Renewal: You conform to a schedule predefined by Microsoft. This model requires a final signature before the end of the current agreement. This leaves more room for negotiation, but less time for preparation.

Early Renewal: You fulfill the specified requirements up to six months in advance of your renewal discussions with Microsoft.

Establishing an early renewal plan offers several key benefits, such as:

  • Peace of mind: You won't worry about managing last-minute issues
  • No interruption: There's no gap in subscriptions or software assurance coverage
  • Discounts: In some cases, Microsoft offers up to 5% in discounts for signing 3 months ahead of the renewal date