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Drive the greatest value from your Red Hat investments.

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Make your Red Hat investment work smarter

Many organizations today rely on Red Hat technologies to power, develop, automate and manage their business-critical applications and infrastructure. As a leading provider of open-source solutions, innovation with Red Hat is constant. But this commitment to innovation brings regular upgrades and changes to the product portfolio and subscription programs along with new technologies and solutions. Keeping up with this fast changing landscape and its impact to your business, while maintaining a pulse on your IT needs, is both daunting and time-consuming.

With Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM), you’ll adopt a proactive strategy based on deep understanding of the Red Hat ecosystem and subscription programs that drives the best value from your investments and entitlements.


Get proactive with your Red Hat entitlements

Flexibility and innovation in the Red Hat portfolio have enabled businesses to achieve greater agility, reliability, speed to market and efficiency of human and capital resources. But without a solid understanding of your software entitlements and a management strategy in place, it’s easy for IT teams to feel overwhelmed.

Softchoice’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a customer success framework providing programmatic support and expert guidance to remove the complexity, cost overrun and compliance risk from your software subscription strategy.

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Remove the complexity from the Red Hat software equation

A licensing strategy developed three years ago may no longer be adequate for today’s needs. Partner with Softchoice to streamline your Red Hat entitlements and enhance return on investment (ROI). ​


Keeping Up with Innovation

The pace of change in IT leaves many leaders unsure where and how to leverage the right technology to help maintain and grow their business. Competitive pressures paired with growing customer demands and expectations means organizations can’t be reactive when it comes to the technology they need to deliver results.

Avoiding Audit Risk

Poor visibility into software licensing and usage patterns leaves many organizations vulnerable in the event of an audit. Nonetheless, 68% of organizations will face an audit in the next 12 months.
Source: Gartner

Maximizing the Impact of your Red Hat investments

Lack of specialized knowledge makes it difficult for IT teams to get the most out of their Red Hat software spend. Many IT professionals are generalists for their organization, often wearing many IT hats. Even IT “specialists” don’t have time to become deep experts on every vendor’s portfolio or stay on top of evolving program options and requirements.

Proactive Technology Reviews

Complete a full review of your Red Hat assets and predict the impact of changes on your business. Pinpoint gaps in your current software subscription strategy and adopt an effective plan to ensure your entitlements meet your business needs. Learn about new offerings and innovation that you can leverage to keep your competitive edge, deliver exceptional customer experiences and move your business forward.

Data-Driven Insights

Receive support in collecting and reconciling your Red Hat software licenses. Eliminate risk of an audit failure with consistent, data-driven insights and guidance from Red Hat certified experts.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

Conduct structured reviews of your Red Hat investments and entitlements to maximize your ROI. Receive expert advice and guidance for your on-premise and public cloud environments. Discover how to automate your infrastructure and achieve greater agility.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Simplify software licensing across your Red Hat assets

Get expert support in eliminating compliance risk and overspend across your Red Hat investments.

Mitigate audit risk

Receive full asset review support, including structured assessments and data-driven insights into your on-prem datacenter environment.

Build your technology roadmap

Stay abreast of Red Hat innovations, licensing program changes and usage patterns that could impact your business.

Maximize your investment impact

Get the most value from your Red Hat investments throughout their lifecycle.

A Leading License Solution Provider


Deep Red Hat Expertise

We are Red Hat Advanced Business Partner with years of experience supporting customers across the Red Hat software and solutions ecosystem.

Expert License Solution Provider

Softchoice has helped clients across the US and Canada realize over $2 billion in license savings to-date.

Trusted Managed Services Provider

Softchoice manages over 3,000 enterprise software licensing agreements across the US and Canada.

Your Red Hat licensing – streamlined

The Red Hat portfolio of software and solutions continues to evolve and expand. Getting the best value from your Red Hat investments can present a big challenge. Find out why working with Softchoice helps you make sense of your software assets, maximize efficiencies and savings and lower audit compliance risk.