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Softchoice Solutions: Software Asset Management (SAM)

You think you have a handle on your software assets, but do you? Increasingly complex contracts, subscription services and a lack of visibility into software installations make it almost impossible be certain. You need clarity.

As contracts multiply in number, each with their own regulations and renewal rhythms, the visibility required to ensure a healthy ROI dims. SAM Managed Services from Softchoice offers dedicated resourcing, licensing specialists (including Microsoft Licensing) and industry best practices to make the most of your IT spend.

By 2020, 80% of software vendors will transition from traditional license and maintenance, to a subscription service models.

According to Gartner, 68% of organizations can expect a software audit in the next 12 months.

Software Asset Management Solutions: How to advance your strategy

Our Offering What we do What you’ll gain
Visibility Take a holistic inventory of all client hardware, software and SaaS-assets, and offer on-demand insights through our portal The ability to validate technology assets, and a solid baseline for future plans.
Analysis & Reporting In-depth analysis of application consumption and utilization patterns
Real-time reporting on hardware and software assets & recurring reporting on all software additions, moves and changes
An understanding of capacity, usage patterns and cost saving opportunities.
The ability to right-size licensing and hardware in your cloud environment.
Knowledge Transfer Quarterly reviews with Licensing Specialist, with additional reviews during vendor audits
Offer the services of a dedicated Software Asset Management consultant
The ability to optimize your technology investments, guided by Expert mentorship and support.

Software Asset Management Solutions: What sets Softchoice apart

Data-driven insights

Softchoice mines your current environment for real-time data on technology usage.

Licensing Selection and Software Asset Management

Lifecycle management and to navigate vendor consolidation, licensing and asset management.

Enterprise grade SAM Managed Services

A trusted partner offering proactive support for your technology, IT operations and end users.

Optimize IT Investment Solutions: Vendor Designations

Certified C-SAMs
Gold Partner

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