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Software Rationalization Program

Identifying immediate opportunities to reduce costs through more efficient use of software assets

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Understanding the True Costs and Impacts

As new financial pressures present themselves, organizations need to take immediate action to reduce spending, find efficiencies and reposition their business for transformation. Software and cloud-based services represent 51% of IT budget allocations in 2021, making these some of the most impactful areas to evaluate.

For most IT leaders, quickly getting a handle on where cost is coming from is difficult as licensing vehicles have become complex, and they lack the ability to perform a timely, methodical assessment of all software and SaaS usage/costs. In addition, they must be cautious about making changes or adjustments to ensure ongoing compliance with vendor contracts and avoid potential audit impacts.

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Rationalize Application Spend and Restructure Licensing Vehicles

Competing priorities, rising complexity and limited access to relevant data stalls progress and makes actions to rationalize application spend almost impossible.

Lack of Internal Resources

Limited resources and unplanned projects delay software consolidation opportunities

License & Contract Complexity

Complex vendor agreements require in-depth specialized knowledge to maintain compliance and find efficiency.

Limited Application Usage Data

Without the right visibility, application usage is a best guess, preventing informed decisions and stalling efficiency efforts.

How Softchoice Can Help

Through Softchoice’s Software Rationalization Program, we’ll provide the tooling, expertise and process needed to identify the cost of redundant or unnecessary software spend, and how to convert those short-term savings opportunities. The program includes:

Immediate Data & Insight

Access to a secure, agentless, enterprise-grade application inventory technology to identify all installed software at no cost.

Guided Experience

Guidance to evaluate software usage with access to relevant deep-dive assessments followed by ongoing structured enterprise license management.

Licensing Expertise

Customer-assigned licensing experts across all major software vendors to plan and restructure licensing agreements to meet cost objectives.

Ongoing Support

Proactively scheduled engagements to continuously review opportunities to reduce costs and gain greater outcomes from the software that remains.

Software Rationalization Program Overview

Softchoice’s Software Rationalization Program provides IT and finance leaders with the tools, processes and expertise to identify immediate software rationalization opportunities, refactor licensing agreements and establish a go-forward management program to ensure business sustainability.

1. Discover

No-cost access to enterprise-grade discovery tool to uncover all software (traditional or cloud-based) installed and utilized.

What You'll Gain: Rapid collection of data to support decision making without using internal resources or budgets.

2. Categorize

Detailed analysis outlining all software in your environment by function and isolating redundant spend.

What You'll Gain: Identify and prioritize the areas with the greatest potential savings.

3. Select

Work with assessment and licensing specialists to identify the appropriate software and selection criteria.

What You'll Gain: Pinpoint the exact software to act on with an informed evaluation.

4. Restructure

Work with dedicated licensing specialists to evaluate the cost benefit of all licensing options for the software spend that remains

What You'll Gain: Calculate and execute the exact cost savings and business benefits through use of alternative licensing programs.

5. Maintain

Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a framework for taking control of your software enterprise licensing that includes proactive technology reviews, expert-led assessment and structured quarterly reviews.

What You'll Gain: Keep your right-sized licensing strategy current and optimized with new opportunities for cost avoidance and improved outcomes.

Right-size your SAM strategy.

Enterprise software agreements have made it much more cost-effective to acquire the technology that powers your business. But without a solid software asset management (SAM) strategy in place, it’s easy for IT teams to feel overwhelmed.

Softchoice’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a customer success framework providing programmatic support and expert guidance to remove the complexity, cost overrun and compliance risk from your SAM strategy.

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