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Softchoice Studies
We take the technology trends transforming today's business world and examine the end user motivations behind them, the barriers and advantages to adoption, and the best practices that help organizations to get the most out of innovation.
Collaboration Unleashed
Empowering individuals to work together from anywhere Read More
Enabling Innovation
How does your organization measure up to your peers across North America when it comes to enabling innovation? Read More
State of Cloud Readiness
Uncovering how well IT teams currently meet their colleagues’ business needs, and measure the progress they’ve made toward strategic cloud adoption. Read More
(Still) Careless Users in the Cloud
The follow-up to our 2014 study reveals employees are still displaying rogue IT behavior despite more sophisticated cloud adoption. Read More
Death of the Desk Job
Discovering how technology is transforming the 'traditional' workday and whether or not employees themselves favor a more connected workforce. Read More
Working Hard or Hardly Networked?
A study on the impact of unified communication tools on employees, and what organizations must do to engage employees in tech decisions and rollouts. Read More