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A better way to purchase Adobe software

Introducing the Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement

Streamline your enterprise software purchasing

As a valued customer, Adobe understands that your agency takes extensive advantage of our software, with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of licenses for a variety of Adobe solutions. With the Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), we are now making the management and procurement of your Adobe software simpler, more flexible, and predictable.

The customizable and flexible features of Adobe ETLA reduce your software management overhead and procurement costs. With a three-year ETLA, all your Adobe software, maintenance, and Adobe Enterprise Support are included in one predictable yearly budget, with payments spread equally over the the term of the ETLA.

Adobe ETLA Adobe Volume Licensing Agreements (CLP and TLP)
Three-year fixed term Highly transactional; extensive purchasing overhead
One agreement for multiple products, services, languages, and platforms Many different agreements
Three predictable annual payments Unpredictable budget
Always entitled to the latest versions No version standardization
Meet compliance standards with updated software versions Compliance risk
Low capital commitment Capital commitment

Simplify software management

License management is easier, as is compliance, with an Adobe ETLA. You can standardize on Adobe products for a three-year term using solutions that have been customized for your needs. And your organization can stay up to date with the latest versions of the Adobe software covered under your agreement. IT administrators can easily manage license compliance ensuring version consistency and streamlined inter-departmental collaboration.

Take advantage of easier deployment and expert support

You can license and deploy customized, pre-packaged sets of applications and services—per user, per group, or across the agency—using centralized deployment tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud Packager.

You also have access to comprehensive support programs, which includes a private onboarding meeting with Adobe Support staff1 and a comprehensive information package on how to get started. You also have 24x7 access to an enterprise support team via email and live chat for deployment and technical troubleshooting support, along with a premium phone number for additional support. You can make unlimited Expert Services appointments with Adobe Solution Experts for your end-users' workflow or product feature questions.2

By combining enterprise deployment tools with expert end-user support, your ETLA is the fastest way to your Adobe software deployed to your organization and your end users up to speed.

Customize your ETLA for your unique government requirements

Flexible ETLA options help you select the licensing agreement—and software—that works best for your agency requirements.

You can buy a fixed number of licenses for a single office or a specific business requirement, or you can create an ETLA to deploy an unlimited number of licenses without the need to track seats or make additional payments.3

Plus, you can include a full range of Adobe solutions and products in your ETLA. Depending on your agreement option, you can include the following Adobe products, including Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, in a single ETLA.

Creative Cloud for enterprise

  • Every Adobe creative tool, including Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Updates available for the products and service you have under contract
  • Expert Services
  • Enterprise Support

Desktop products

  • Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe Captivate, FrameMaker, Adobe Presenter, Adobe LeanPrint, and most other desktop solutions
  • Updates available for the products you have under contract
  • Enterprise Support

Servers and platforms

  • Adobe Anywhere for video
  • Adobe InDesign Server, RoboHelp Server, FrameMaker Publishing Server, ColdFusion, and Flash Builder
  • Updates available for the products you have under contract
  • Enterprise Support

Subscription services

  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition, EchoSign, and Typekit Enterprise
  • Updates available for the services you have under contract
  • Enterprise Support

Learn more about an Adobe ETLA

To learn more about what type of ETLA would be best for your organization, contact your sales representative today.

1 For Creative Cloud for enterprise ETLAs. May require an ETLA investment minimum.
2 Expert Services is available for Creative Cloud only for commercial and government ETLAs (education excluded).
3 Subject to growth limitations.